Service with Compassion


Who serves at Compassion – Compassion Team Members are members at the church who work together to serve our church body and others in the community to advance the Kingdom of God. The Lord has given every believer at least one (1) spiritual gift to be used to build up and edify the Kingdom of God. 

At the Church of Christian Compassion your gifts are welcomed and needed to help fulfill God’s purpose. After members have completed their New to Compassion Membership Foundation Classes they are encouraged to serve with Compassion! The Church of Christian Compassion has numerous ministries to choose from in which to serve. Members can find out where they are gifted to serve by taking the Spiritual Gifts test which can be found in our Resource Center under Adults or Youth.

After completion of the Spiritual Gift Test take a moment to review each of the ministries to your right select the ministry(ies) you would you like to serve in. After making your selections contact the church office at (215) 472-9040 and let us help you to get acclimated into the ministry of your choice.




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